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Catering & Mobile Food Truck Services
Thank you for visiting CichyCo.com. We are a mobile food truck, which also provides catering and in home chef services throughout
the Sacramento region.

We specialize in gourmet sandwiches and gourmet French fries. We have tons of recipes and styles. We can cater any food you
desire. Our chef services are one of a kind.  Please call us to schedule an appointment or to just find out more about how we can
give you a wonderful experience!
* Daily Food Truck Services
* Lunch & Service
* After Hours Services
* Gourmet Menu
* Gourmet Sandwiches
* Gourmet Fries
* Burgers

* Menu Changes, Call For Details
Coming Soon!

Our Brick & Mortar location is in the
works and will be coming in 2016 so
be on the lookout!
* Wide Range of Food Choices
* Can Work With Any Budget
* Available on Short Notice
* Weekday Services
* Weekend Services
* Weddings
* Any Type of Event